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Pino's Pizza. Ontario, Kitchener
Pino's Pizza. Ontario, Kitchener

Pino’s Pizza is the home of gourmet pizza in Kitchener! We offer the city’s most expansive selection of pizzas, pastas, and all of your other favourites.

Our restaurant offers a relaxing atmosphere that welcomes families to dine in, while also offering an upbeat atmosphere to enjoy a drink and take in our Wednesday live entertainment. Takeout and delivery is also available for those nights you want to relax and enjoy at home.

At Pino’s we only use the best and freshest ingredients. This means that not only will you get the best gourmet pizza the city has to offer, but you will get the freshest, most succulent pizza you have ever tried! This is part and parcel to the fact that we use fresh daily hand pressed dough and use of 100% real cheese.

So try our signature BBQ Chicken & Roasted Red Pepper pizza, or stay traditional with Pino’s Deluxe Pizza – with every order we know that you will be pleased with Pino’s Pizza!

Contact Pino’s Pizza to place your order, or stop by to dine at our restaurant in Kitchener today!

  Pino's Pizza | 2480 Homer Watson Blvd. Kitchener ON, N2P 2R5 | 519-894-3888
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